5th Grade

You have found the place for ALL THINGS 5th Grade, Class of 2023! 

Stay up to date and get connected with our 5th-Grade texts. We'll keep you in the know and remind you of all our important dates and events. TEXT 5thGRADE to (949) 317-1688 and you'll automatically be enrolled.


Parents, let's make this year the BEST it can be for our 5th Grade Kids! We have lots of activities and events to cover. Please take a look at our sign up and sign up where you can. 5th-Grade Activities Sign Up Genius.

It's time to make our first payment towards 5th-grade activities/ science camp. If you do not plan on attending science camp please let us know. Your financial contributions are appreciated and completely voluntary. If there is a financial need, please talk to Principal Sharla Pitzen about a scholarship, by Nov 4th. We want everyone to be included!

  • Approximate cost for all activities: $575 (will be lower with fundraising) $500 camp and $75 for 5th grade activities.
  • First payment (deposit) of $200 is due by 11/6/22. Camp deposit is refundable if you should change your mind. 
  • Second payment of $175 is due by 2/10/23. Please use the online link below or submit a check for $175 to the office or teacher with 5th Grade Activities and child's name in the memo.

Fundraising opportunities are scheduled throughout the year to help offset costs and provide scholarships for the science camp portion of these fees. Family Fun Night proceeds will also be applied. If you have any questions please email your 5th-grade team at 5thgradeactivities@reillypta.org.

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