Celebration Book Club

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Is your student celebrating a special occasion that they would like to share with their school? You can create a lasting memory of their special day by donating a book to Reilly’s library to commemorate their special occasion. Perhaps your child would like to give a book to the library to celebrate their birthday, or to celebrate another occasion such as: the arrival of a sibling, a special trip, a sports achievement, a graduation, or for becoming an accomplished reader. Perhaps their grandparents or godparents would like to acknowledge the child in a significant way…the possibilities are endless.
The Celebration Book Club is the perfect program to celebrate this special event. Your child will be able to share their celebration with their school friends and take pleasure in benefiting the school library with a lovely
new book. To participate in this program, your child will:

  • Choose a wonderful book from our Celebration Book Club selection
  • Have his or her name placed on a permanent bookplate inside the front cover
  • Be the first student to check out that same new book from the school library
  • Have the book presented to them at Wednesday Flag ceremony

The cost to participate is $20 per book. We encourage you to order ahead of time for a future occasion, however, you may choose to participate at any time throughout the school year.

Thank you for supporting this valuable program!!