PTA Membership

Reilly PTA fully funds so many of Reilly's programs! Without your support, our kids will miss out on things like:

  • Meet the Masters
  • Field Trips
  • Family Fun Night
  • STEAM activities / instruction

***Memberships are $20 EACH. If you are trying to purchase more than one membership, please add the first to your cart, and then select membership again and add another to your cart. Thanks!***

Why do we do what we do? Why are we asking for funds? It's simple: 


Reilly PTA exists to:

  • Promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, places of worship, and throughout the community.
  • To raise the standards of home life.
  • To advocate for laws that further the education, physical and mental health, welfare, and safety of children and youth.
  • To promote the collaboration and engagement of families and educators in the education of children and youth.
  • To engage the public in united efforts to secure the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of all children and youth.
  • To advocate for fiscal responsibility regarding public tax dollars in public education funding.