PTA Board Descriptions

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PTA Board Descriptions


  • Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of the PTA.
  • Oversees the operations of the entire PTA and all of its programs ensuring that they run smoothly and procedures are followed. Daily emails and text messages to keep in contact with officers and committee chairs as events are planned and executed.
  • Works closely with the school principal and other district PTA representatives.


Executive VP

  • Supports the President as needed.
  • Oversees and supports Committee Chairs. Communicates with Committee Chairs and helps fill in as needed.
  • Helps resolve disputes and problems that arise.



  • Completes bi-annual audit's of the PTA's financial transactions, policies and procedures.
  • Duties include: 
    • Reconciling and reviewing bank accounts
    • Reviews financial transactions. 
    • Ensure proper accounting for receipts. 
    • Ensure expenditures have been authorized in the minutes. 
    • Review conformity to PTA financial policies and procedures


Recording Secretary

  • Copies and distributes the agenda for Executive Board and General Meetings.
  • Records attendance and takes minutes at Executive Board and General Meetings.
  • Maintains the official records of the PTA (minutes, bylaws)


Financial Secretary

  • Collects money from PTA committee chairs to deposit at the bank. Counts and verifies total. Prepares deposit slip and gives receipt to committee chair. 
  • Reconciles / Deposits all money collected at
  • Logs all deposits into correct categories in Quickbooks.
  • Runs a monthly income report to be presented by the Treasurer at PTA monthly meeting.


VP Ways & Means

  • Oversees all PTA fundraising activities at Reilly. Manages the timing of events to minimize overlap.
  • Works with the committee chair of each event during planning and organization of each event.
  • Leads the Jog A Thon Committee, our biggest fundraiser of the year to effectively market the event. Chooses prizes and decorations, finds sponsors, sets up, organizes volunteers, collects donations, and hosts dance party.
  • Sets up Dine Outs and School Supply Fundraisers.



  • Oversees establishment of PTA bank account and occasional payments
  • Collects and tallies PTA volunteer hours



  • Manages permanent records to track funds and financial transactions. Reconciles bank statements.
  • Writes checks for PTA expenses and payments authorized by the association.
  • Prepares reports to show income and expenses at monthly PTA Meeting.
  • Works with Auditor to meet PTA Auditing requirements.


VP Communications

  • Oversees the management of the website ( via a chairperson if so desired
  • Communicates events and information through social media, text and email with the help of a committee chair, is desired.
  • Oversees the creation and distribution of the annual digital PTA Directory to be given out to all PTA members.
  • Oversees the Room Parent Coordinator ensuring all communications are accurate and timely. 
  • Oversees the creation and distribution of paper fliers to promote events.
  • Oversees the composing and distribution of the bimonthly PTA newsletter.