Keep Your Kids Safe Online & Keep Your Sanity, Too!

Best Online Monitoring Tools

Ever worry that you can't monitor what your kids are doing, who they are talking to, or how much time they spend online?  You're not alone.

There are services that can help.

YES, there's an app for that!

There are many choices and it's an ever changing landscape, but here's a few services worth reviewing.  You can review one article that goes over the various options by clicking here (opens in a new window) to see all the details. 

Here's a quick summary of the top ones.

Best Overall (especially for iOS):  Net Nanny

Best for Android: Norton Family Premier

Best multi platform support: Qustudio

These tools are good for time monitoring, parental controls, and filtering online content. 


 Best Password Managers

Do you have a hard time keeping track of passwords for logging in to all the various accounts and services you and your family use?   Or keeping track of all the information you need for your kids (social security, traveler ids, their logins,etc)?

Once again, there's an APP for that!

Below are what are fairly commonly thought of as the best three services and apps for managing passwords and log ins.  Best of all, they all work very well no matter the device and can even auto fill passwords in apps on your phone-- along with creating strong passwords (rather than using the same one all the time), and storing other various information.  

Here are some articles if you want to read them i their entirety.  Side by side comparison or Best of the best

Best Overall: Dashlane

Best Free (and good value): Lastpass

Best Security: Keeper

These tools are good to manage all online passwords. 

Feel free to review the articles, try out the services, and let us know what you think.  Let us know if you have any questions. You've got this!

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