Spelling Bee



2/5 - Study lists sent home with Option A, B and available for pick up in the Reilly office for Option C (new rules prevent us from posting any lists online this year).

2/22--2/26 - Classroom Spelling tests are given by the teacher to determine grade level finalists and by appointment for Option C

3/1/21 – Permission slips (so we can ZOOM the Grade Level Finals live for parents and classmates) and additional study lists go home with grade level finalists (to be returned no later than 3-8-21)

3/22 - In person Grade Level Spelling Bees for grades 1, 2, 3--TIME and ROOM LOCATION TBD based on contestant schedules

3/23 - In person Grade Level Spelling Bees for grades 4. 5 and Finals -- TIME and ROOM LOCATION TBD based on contestant schedules


Spelling Bee Rules & Procedures

Grade Level Finals 

Reilly Spelling Bee Rules and Procedures 2021

  • Students receive a contestant number, which establishes their spelling order. There are no rounds for determining finalists.
  • Paper and pencil will be available for contests to write the spelling words if they wish. This is  optional, and contestants will be judged only on how they spell the word orally.
  • The Pronouncer will pronounce the word, use it in a sentence, and pronounce the word again. Contestants may pronounce the words before spelling, after spelling, or not at all. Contestants must then spell the word correctly.
  • Having started to spell a word a contestant shall be given NO opportunity to change letters once pronounced. A speller may retrace, provided letters and their sequence are NOT changed in retracing. 
  • A contestant may request that a word be re-pronounced, defined, or used again in the sentence. The Pronouncer shall grant the request until the judges agree that the word has been made reasonably clear to the contestant.
  • Judges may disqualify any contestant who ignores a request to start spelling a word.
  • When a contestant is given a homonym to spell, he/she must spell the word as used in the context of the sentence.
  • When a speller fails to spell a word correctly, he/she must drop out of the contest and another word shall be given to the next contestant in line.
  • When the contestants are reduced to two, the elimination procedure changes.  At that point, when one contestant misspells a word, they are not automatically out.  
    • All spellers cannot be eliminated from 1 round. Once the round has been completed with the 2 remaining spellers, the speller that has spelled their word from the round correctly will be given a new championship word to spell. If the championship word is spelled correctly, that speller shall be declared the winner.
    • If the championship word is not spelled correctly, both spellers remain in the competition and a new round begins.
  • The judge’s decision shall be final on all questions.


Here are some tips for studying:

Study Tips